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Welcome to J&J Electronics ER! – (586) 846-4196

We offer a great selection of repair services to you at a great cost and our technicians are the best of the best and everyone knows it. We repair most of the common electronics that people use on a daily basis; devices such as iPhones, iPads, computers, XBOX 360s, PS3s and much more.

Here is a list of the services that we offer so go ahead a pick a topic to learn more about what we do.

    Our Laptop and Desktop servicing:

-Virus Removal-

Viruses are just about what you’d expect from the reputation they have around the internet and by word of mouth. They can range from programs that may be annoying, to the destructive malware that can cripple your computer, or even render it completely useless. We at J&J Electronics are fully capable of not only saving your precious data, but getting rid of all traces of any known virus.

-System Upgrades-

Have you ever felt that your computer is running slower than it should? We can help! We can increase your memory (RAM), and any other physical aspect of your computer you’d love to have enhanced. Need a new motherboard? No problem. Running out of space? We can get you a larger hard drive. Want to be a gamer? We can get you up to date on the latest graphical hardware. From top to bottom, we have you covered.

-Data Recovery-

About to throw out that dying hard drive with all your pictures and music? Perhaps we can help. With all of our expert knowledge, we can determine if your data can be saved. Once we diagnose the situation, we will do everything in our power to get back what other technicians cannot. This service is absolutely subject to the condition of the storage hardware.

-DC Jack Replacement (Laptops)-

The DC Jack tends to be easily broken, which means you can probably still get the cord into your laptop, but it just won’t charge. Luckily, we are fully capable of making that repair. Thanks to our in-house skill sets, we will have no issue soldering a new jack onto the motherboard allowing your laptop to charge and operate properly again.

-USB Jack Replacement-

Just like the DC jacks for laptops, the USB jacks are also susceptible to being easily broken. This can even happen just from bumping into your USB flash drive while it is plugged into your computer. And just like the DC jack, we are completely capable of replacing your USB ports and making them work like brand new.

-LCD Screen Replacement (Laptops)-

This service is pretty self-explanatory. If you ever drop your laptop, hit it, or even step on it, there is a good chance the screen has been cracked, making it completely useless. We’ll replace the LCD display to make your laptop as though the damage never happened.

-Lithium Ion Battery Replacements-

At times, it seems like our laptops just don’t hold as much of a charge as they used to. Quite simply, it’s because of an aging lithium battery. We can repair or even replace your batteries so your computer will have the battery life that it used to, which means less time charging and more time doing.

-Lid Hinge Repairs (Laptops)-

Over time, the hinges for your laptop screen will wear out, or be broken altogether. No matter what the situation is, we can fix it. Even if your screen is hanging by wires!

-Everything else-

Was there something we didn’t mention in this list? Don’t be shy, give us a call! We are always glad to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need to make a wise choice on your next purchase or repair in our shop. Our knowledge base is vast, and we’ve been around long enough to know all the tricks of the trade.

    Gaming Console Servicing:

-CPU / GPU Reflow-

Often, we as gamers are subject to the greatest heartbreak of them all. Our consoles just up and break for no apparent reason. Specifically the “Red Ring of Death”. XBOX 360 owners worldwide know the despair of the Red Ring of Death. And PS3 owners are subject to the infuriating “Yellow Light of Death”. However, this is not the end for your console, don’t fret! With a special process known as a “reflow”, we’ll undo the damage that overheating does to your console.

-Disk Drive issues-

Does your gaming system have issues with reading certain disks? The all-too-common problem of disks that won’t read; at this point, it’s simply time to get a new disk, right? NO. Bring it to us. We will be able to determine what is wrong with the drive and we can rebuild it. Problems such as dull lasers, bad motors and, seized worm gears and broken drive bands are no match for the technical squad here at J&J Electronics ER. Oh! And by the way, we can also resurface disks to make them shine and properly work in your system once again.

-Power Supply Replacement (PS3)-

Why won’t your PlayStation 3 turn on? Perhaps it is because the PSU has failed to initiate a connection with the motherboard. Or maybe it has simply gone bad. Just like all of our other services, we can get it done, and we’ll have your console up and running in no time.

-Fan Mods-

Often times when a system is not cleaned regularly, it overheats, which can cause the infamous “Red Ring Of Death” or “Yellow Light Of Death”. This, of course, is an issue that we can fix which is called a “reflow”. After we finish the repairs on your favorite gaming console, we can offer a special service called a “Fan Mod”. Using a certain method, we can modify your fan which, in turn, will prevent future overheating of your XBOX 360 or PS3.

    i-Devices and Smart Phone Servicing: iPods, iPads, iPhones, and more!


-Front and back glass/ Digitizer and LCD Replacement-

I think it is safe to say that we’ve all been there at one point or another. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod may have slipped out of your hand or pocket. Perhaps you forgot that you had set it on top of the car and drove away. The distinctive sound of your poor device smashing against the hard concrete; spine shivering, is it not? We can replace the front and/or back glass on your device so that it isn’t so painful to look at. Our prices are the best around! We will prove it to you!

-Button Repair-

This one is pretty simple to explain. Those tiny brittle buttons, over time, tend to stop working completely. If you are having a problem with the power button, home button, lock switch, or volume buttons, bring it to us and we will fix it to your satisfaction.

-Wi-Fi Antenna Repair-

When water enters the device, it can damage many things including the WI-FI Antenna. Without this, you cannot surf the web on any wireless internet connection. We can replace these little things for you in no time! Just call us. We are always happy to help you in any way possible.

-Battery Replacement-

Batteries are being improved more and more every day but still seem to go bad eventually. Over time they lose charge or just can’t hold a charge like they used to. Worst case scenario, it won’t even turn on or hold a charge! Well then, your battery is going bad, or has already gone bad. That means your phone doesn’t have as much battery life, and you’re getting tied down by a power cord. No problem! We’ll replace your battery and restore your ability to go where you please.

-Charging Port Replacement-

You plug in your phone, nothing happens, it won’t charge. Or, you try to plug it in, but it won’t fit anymore. It’s the same cord though, right? The one you’ve always used! Well, you probably just need a new charging port. With our expert knowledge, we’ll get it done right and get you back to your normal life.

-Camera Replacement or Cleaning-

For as much as we love the cameras on our devices, we never really imagine that they could be broken. It does happen though and it is mostly caused by water damage. It’s a very irritating issue but fret not, we can replace it, and we will. Bring it in, tell us your woes, and we’ll take care of you.


Did we forget anything? Something else on your mind that we didn’t explain? Give us a call! We’ll gladly take your questions and provide you with the most current information on any aspect of your device!

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